Friends of Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology
20. února 2025, Plzeň

Friends of Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology
Topics Hot Topics in Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology
DateFebruary 20-22, 2025 VenueBioptical laboratory
Czech Republic

Registration for an online access to the seminar to be announced.

Number of registered:

lectures 120 of 120

slide seminar 29 of 29


Faculty (list to be finalized):

Abbas Agaimy (Erlangen, Germany)
Fernanda Amary (London, UK)
Cristina Antonescu (New York, USA)
Daniel Baumhoer (Basel, Switzerland)
Greg Charville (Stanford, USA)
John Chrisinger (St. Louis, USA)
Nooshin Dashti (Lebanon, USA)
Carina Dehner (Indianapolis, USA)
Josephine Dermawan (Cleveland, USA)
Julie C. Fanburg-Smith (Hershey, USA)
Andrew Folpe (Rochester, USA)
Karen Fritchie (Cleveland, USA)
John Gross (Baltimore, USA)
Yin Hung (Boston, USA)
Michael Kallen (Baltimore, USA)
Kemal Kosemehmetoglu (Ankara, Turkey)
Isidro Machado (Valencia, Spain)
Anders Meyer (Kansas City, USA)
Michael Michal (Pilsen, Czech Republic)
Petur Nielsen (Boston, USA)
David Papke (Boston, USA)
Raul Perret (Bordeaux, France)
Bharat Rekhi (Mumbai, India)
Andrew Rosenberg (Florida, USA)
Vaiyapuri Sumathi (Birmingham, UK)
David Suster (New Jersey, USA)

Course structure


20-22nd of February 2025

Maximum capacity:

Multihead session: 29 participants
Lectures: up to 120 participants

Course description:

Friends of B&ST Pathology is a meeting focused on hot topics in bone and soft tissue pathology. The program will start with an interactive slide seminar at multihead microscope. There are limited number of seats at the multihead microscope (maximum capacity is 29 people) available for those that register earliest. For other participants, the slides will be projected on a screen in the auditorium. The multihead section will be followed by lectures (maximum capacity is 120 participants) covering a broad spectrum of novel or problematic topics in bone and soft tissue pathology. The scientific program will be prepared by a large group of bone and soft tissue pathology experts (around 20-25 pathologists) from all over the world. A dinner and social program will be organized for each evening.


Bioptical laboratory
Rejskova 10
326 00 Pilsen
Czech Republic
Šikl´s Department of Pathology
Charles University Hospital and Medical Faculty Plzeň
alej Svobody 80
304 60 Pilsen
Czech Republic