Our publication activities

Poster: List of publications


Workers of Bioptická laboratoř s.r.o. are very active in publication. Most of these works are published in impacted prestigious journals

Our doctors are the members of the editorial boards of prestigious foreign medical journals such as Virchows Archiv, International Journal of Surgical Pathology, American Journal of Dermatopathology, etc.

New tumor units and subunits

Doctors of Bioptická laboratoř, s.r.o. have discovered many new, as yet undescribed tumors and several other new, undescribed variants of tumors. Thus, the laboratory has become one of the world's most successful workplaces.


Workers of Bioptická laboratoř s.r.o. are the authors of the monographs published by the prestigious publishers.


Laboratory workers have developed the unique professional websites for clinicians dealing with the classification of tumors.


Web calculators and other tools.

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Section "Publications" includes basic information about publication activities of the laboratory workers.

For lists of publications of individual doctors see v sekci Staff.