Access to results over the Internet

The WebZis is a system for direct client access to lab results of biopsy and cytological examination.

Work with the WebZis system runs over Internet via Web services. Its use requires only a computer with an Internet connection and installed Web browser (typically Microsoft Internet Explorer).

Note for patients:
This service is intended only for physicians. Patients do not have access to this data.


Home page, login into the system, registration of new users.

Important notice

Due to the specific (= medical) nature of the data, the communication between the user (doctor) and WebZis application (Web server) is encrypted.

Therefore, at each new connection, the user is asked to consent to a security certificate. If the window appears on your screen titled "Security Alert" (Výstraha zabezpečení), click "Yes" (Ano). Then, if the window with the title "Client authentication" (Ověření klienta) appears, click "Cancel" (Storno). Then you will get to the homepage of WebZis service with the login box.