ICDP-UEMS Dermatopathology Training Center
in Bioptická laboratoř s.r.o. and Sikl Department of Pathology, Charles University Medical Faculty, Pilsen, Czech Republic

Pathology in Pilsen comprises a private histopathology and cytology laboratory (Bioptická laboratoř s.r.o. which occupies 7 different but closely located to each other buildings) and a state institution, the department of Pathology, Charles University Medical Faculty Hospital, the latter being geographically located as two campuses in the town districts Bory and Lochotin. The private laboratory provides its services for more than 25 hospitals and more than 1700 outpatient clinics, state as well as private, throughout the whole Czech Republic, making it one of the largest private laboratories in Europe, employing over 280 people. Taken together, both pathology units process annually about 170 000 histopathology specimens, 800 000 cytology specimens (mostly gynecological specimens) and perform about 800 autopsies.

Bioptická laboratoř s.r.o. is accredited by the Czech Institute of Accreditation:

Certificate of accreditation to ISO 15189     Annex

Laboratory accreditation by ČIA (Czech Institute for Accreditation)

Both Bioptická laboratoř s.r.o. and Sikl Department of Pathology have received accreditation awarded by the ICDP-UEMS as Specialty Training Centre in Dermatopathology:

ICDP-UEMS Certification for Biopticka laborator and Sikl Department of Pathology

Certification ICDP-UEMS as "Specialty Training Center in Dermatopathology"

Dermatopathology services

Dermatopathology is part of the above pathology services, with approximately 80 000 routine specimens being signed out each year. Basic cases are read by most general pathologists employed, whereas special cases by three dermatopathologists. In addition to the routine specimens, there are approximately 8 000 referral dermatopathology and soft tissue biopsies per year from the consultation files of Prof. Michal Michal and Prof. Dmitry Kazakov.

Dermatopathology training

How does an average day in our training center look like? We start our sign-out morning sessions with a smile. Trainees see around 60-80 dermatopathology cases daily, both routine and referral, which are discussed at a multihead microscope with Prof. Dmitry Kazakov. Most routine cases are seen before the noon, whereas direct immunofluorescence specimens, referral cases and cases with available clinical pictures are usually discussed separately in the afternoon. Between the signing-out sessions, trainees have a possibility to study our slide collection (see below). Two or three times a week, we offer short clinicopathological presentations, demonstrating interesting and instructive cases from our past practice, presented by either Dr. Liubov Kastnerová or Prof. Dmitry Kazakov. Lastly, Dr. Liubov Kastnerová presents updates on the current dermatopathology literature (Journal Club) once per month. In general, we deal mostly with neoplastic dermatopathology (75%); therefore, a shorter 3-6 month stay with subsequent rotation in another training center is encouraged and advised. The list of the Dermatopathology Centers in Europe and USA accredited by the ICDP-UEMS can be found at www.icdermpath.org.