Specialty Training Centre in Dermatopathology


Due to the widespread of the COVID-19 infection and high workload of our laboratory for genetic testing for the virus, our Dermatopathology Training Center at the Bioptical laboratory is being now dismantled, with its rooms being transferred to the genetic and molecular biology unit. The Training Center will be moved over in a new building, which is presently under reconstruction. We anticipate that our Training center can resume its activities early 2021. Until that time, unfortunately no visits are possible. Thank you for understanding.

Our Dermatopathology Training Center

Training Center

Bioptická laboratoř s.r.o. has received accreditation awarded by the ICDP-UEMS as Specialty Training Centre in Dermatopathology.

How does an average day in our training center look like?

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Routine light microscopy  •  Histochemistry and immunohistochemistry  •  Immunofluorescence  •  Molecular biology unit  •  Electron microscopy  •  Dermatopathology slide collections  •  Multihead microscopes  •  Literature…


For any questions and applications to visit the Dermatopathology Training Center please contact the director.


Certification ICDP-UEMS for Bioptická laboratoř s.r.o.
Bioptická laboratoř s.r.o. was accredited by the ICDP-UEMS as a Specialty Training Centre in Dermatopathology in 2012.
Certification ICDP-UEMS for Sikl Department of Pathology
The Sikl Department of Pathology was accredited by the ICDP-UEMS as a Specialty Training Centre in Dermatopathology in 2014.
ČSN EN ISO 15189
Laboratory accreditation by ČIA (Czech Institute for Accreditation).


Here you can find detailed information to our Dermatopathology Traning Center.

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