Laboratory staff

Our staff

Internationally recognized experts

Biopticka laborator s.r.o. employs internationally recognized experts, who regularly publish in top international journals, and who are invited as speakers to the European, American and world congresses.

Members of editorial boards

Some of our doctors are members of the editorial boards of the prestigious foreign medical magazines.

Forensic experts

Bioptická laboratoř s.r.o. also employs physicians who were appointed by the Regional Court in Pilsen as forensic experts in the healthcare industry, specializing in pathological anatomy.

Consulting workers

Laboratory staff are annually requested for consultations with other departments, in the cases of complex and difficult diagnosable tumor processes. Requests for consultations from around the world are sent to this lab.

Laboratory management

Zdeňka Dušková
Director, procurist
Prof. Alena Skálová, MD, CSc
Chief physician specialist

Quality manager



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