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Biopticka laborator s.r.o. offers examinations of gynecological cytology (oncological and functional examination of smears from the cervix, vaginal, vulvar and endometrial mucosa) and non-gynecological cytology.

Along with conventional cytology, we offer superior methodology based on the use of modern technology Liquid based cytology (LBC, cytology in a thin layer) in combination with attachment system of automatic digital image processing and automatic connection to microscopes (Imaging System).

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Molecular genetics

Complete biopsy service with a direct connection to any necessary immunohistochemical and molecular genetic testing.

ICDP-UEMS Dermatopathology Training Center

Bioptická laboratoř s.r.o. has received accreditation awarded by the ICDP-UEMS as Specialty Training Center in Dermatopathology.

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1. ČSN EN ISO 15189
Laboratory accreditation by ČIA (Czech Institute for Accreditation).
2. Teaching & Learning
Accreditation to the educational program "Methods and techniques in gynecologic cytodiagnostics"  •  Accreditation to implement training in the field of "Pathological Anatomy"  •  Accreditation to implement training in the field of "Pathology" and the type of workplace II.
3. Dermatopathology
Certification ICDP-UEMS as "Specialty Training Center in Dermatopathology".
4. Screening
Cervical CA Screening - accreditation of Ministry of Health  •  Program of predictive oncology, that have approved the genetic performances in pathology, such as examination of HER2/neu in breast cancer, as well as KRAS mutation of cancer of the colon and rectum.