The volume of services

Biopticka laborator s.r.o. is the largest pathology and cytology laboratory in the Czech Republic. It has contracts with all health insurance companies in the Czech Republic.

Within its core business, i.e. biopsy services, it performs about 10% of all biopsies in Czech Republic. In several major hospitals in Czech Republic, Biopticka laborator s.r.o. has ensured implementation of such services, that had not been used in these hospitals due to the previous organization of pathology. These services are mainly intraoperative biopsies. Biopticka laborator s.r.o. also ensures autopsy activity in those hospitals that are not equipped with the autopsy tract.

Biopticka laborator s.r.o. performs over 700,000 gynecological examinations annually, so it is one of the largest cytology laboratories in the world.

In order to unify and standardize the methodology of collection and processing of examined materials and results reporting, the Biopticka laborator s.r.o. provides its clients with full service and uniform equipment for performing cytology and biopsy for free.

Collection of materials

The results of all tests are handed over at latest each week (except genetic methods). Material for examination is transported directly from surgeries, at the expense of Biopticka laborator s.r.o. on agreed dates at least weekly, for hospital operations 2 to 3x per week in providing biopsies. Only the administration department ensures the collection of materials. The laboratory is able to provide the results of most biopsies within 48 hours from collection of examined materials.

Handover of results

Biopticka laborator s.r.o. sends the results of biopsy and cytology findings not only on traditional paper accompanying documents, but also by agreement, they can be daily exported using a secure data transmission over the Internet directly into the hands of patients, eliminating manual transcription of test results.

Special software of Biopticka laborator s.r.o. WinZis allows clinicians to pick up biopsy and cytology results directly on the website of laboratory (see WebZIS service). This offered service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and it is accessible only to those clinicians who have authorization for software of laboratory.

Other administrative services

Clients have access to the secretarial service and cytological service.

All cooperating workplaces can be included into the PPS,telephone private network of T-Mobile Czech Republic phone operator. In this way, we guarantee very low call rates for all participants.

The new service can be purchased with a significant discount for computers and all the accessories from DELL company, based on the provided password from Biopticka laborator s.r.o..

Administration department photogallery

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